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Connecting members with the right feature at the right time | Webinar


One of the biggest challenges to running an unbundled health plan is getting members to actually use the various vendors and features included in their health plan. For our latest webinar, we talked to Dan Kraut, Flume’s Chief Operating Officer, about how Flume is tackling this challenge. Here’s a brief summary of the conversation. You can watch a recording of the full webinar above.

At Flume Health, everything we do is ultimately about helping members get appropriate healthcare. This means getting the right kind of care, and getting it at the right place. For members to get appropriate care requires both general and specialized solutions. However, this introduces an extra level of complexity into the health plan.

The status quo is often for members to receive a bunch of information about their health plan—and what vendors and features are available—at Open Enrollment, and then be left on their own to connect the dots. This information often ends up forgotten in a desk drawer.

At Flume Health, we’re building systems to recognize opportunities for members to get better care at a better price, and proactively reach out to them about these opportunities. This way, the plan isn’t reliant on members being able to navigate a complex plan on their own. Right now, we’re focusing on major health issues and care episodes where there is potential for major savings. As we continue to build out these systems and the technology that enables them, we’ll be able to extend this proactive member engagement to smaller, more frequent care episodes.

At the end of the day, it's still the member's decision where to seek care. But by giving members information and proactive guidance—and, often, financial incentives—we can equip them to make the most of their health plan.