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Frontier Direct Care Selects Flume Health to Power Launch of New Health Plan Serving South Texas

Frontier Direct Care Selects Flume Health to Power Launch of New Health Plan Serving South Texas


- Frontier Direct Care, an experienced direct primary care provider in South Texas, to expand patient and employer options through health insurance plan

- Flume Health enables Frontier to launch a personalized health plan in as little as six months through Flume operating system

New York, September 15, 2022 - Flume Health, a health-plan-as-a-service platform that eliminates the complexity of designing and managing health plans, today announced that Frontier Direct Care has chosen Flume Health to enable the launch of its new health plan in South Texas. The new plan will help Frontier patients and employers in South Texas access high-quality, convenient care through Frontier primary care physicians.

Direct primary care (DPC) helps patients establish trusted relationships with primary care providers without relying on traditional health insurance coverage. Patients pay out-of-pocket but gain more convenient access to primary care. Forward-thinking DPCs like Frontier are starting to create their own health plans to give their members access to DPC services. Founded in 2018, Frontier Primary Care is the largest DPC in southern Texas, serving local businesses, municipalities, and school districts. The self funded health plan covers the cost of DPC services for members.

At Frontier, we love to push the limits of direct care to new heights,” said Dr. Peter Lazzopina, founder of Frontier Direct Care. “Working with Flume, we will have the capabilities to bring a seamless, streamlined and comprehensive medical service to people in every walk of life. With improved access, improved outcomes, and lower cost, everyone wins.

Frontier Direct Care restores the doctor-patient relationship thanks to its direct primary care model. The DPC model simplifies healthcare delivery, taking the focus away from visit volume and reimbursement, allowing providers to focus on patients and their needs, and reducing administrative work. Frontier doctors also have a smaller patient panel, which allows them to see fewer patients per day, spend more quality one-on-one time with each patient, and be true patient advocates.

Flume Health serves as the central nervous system for Frontier’s health plan, allowing for unprecedented ease in novel plan building, point solution integration, and real-time member visibility. With Flume Health, Frontier is developing its plan in a matter of months, instead of the typical full year or more. Frontier expects to launch its plan Oct. 1.

“Skyrocketing healthcare insurance costs have been detrimental to the U.S. healthcare system and the overall health of Americans,” said Cedric Kovacs-Johnson, CEO and founder of Flume Health. “Empowering our partners to provide affordable, high-caliber care is one of our goals at Flume. We’re happy to partner with Frontier Direct Care as they continue to grow and provide care to Texans.”

About Frontier Direct Care

Frontier Direct Care is a membership to a team of doctors and clinics who are for the people, not the system. No Wait Times, No Insurance Hassles, and No Hidden Costs. Unlimited access to affordable healthcare. For more information, visit www.frontierdirectcare.com.

About Flume Health

Flume Health is the first digital platform for health plan administration, replacing traditional TPAs and empowering challenger and incumbent healthcare companies to design and launch powerful next generation, personalized health plans. A Health-Plan-as-a-Service, Flume eliminates the complexity of designing, managing, and launching personalized healthcare plans. Companies can leverage Flume’s Health-Plan-as-a-Service operating system to overcome the administrative burden of running a plan, allowing plan providers to focus on member experience. For more information, visit www.flumehealth.com.