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K2 Selects Flume Health to Power Launch of New Health Plan

K2 Selects Flume Health to Power Launch of New Health Plan


  • K2, a South-Carolina based employee benefits consultancy group, expands patient and employer options through a health insurance plan
  • Through the Flume operating system, Flume Health will enable K2 to launch a personalized health plan effortlessly and in as little as six months
  • The Intentional Health Plans is a self-funded or level-funded plan serving employers and brokers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

New York, October 24, 2022 - Flume Health, a healthcare technology, and services company that eliminates the complexity of designing and managing health plans, announced today that K2 Advisors Group has selected Flume Health to launch its new health plan. Flume Health will provide the operating system for the health benefits consultancy group’s new self-funded and level-funded plans, called Intentional Health Plans, available to employers and brokers to offer health coverage in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

As health insurance costs continue their meteoric trajectory and members' satisfaction with their plans plummets, healthcare stakeholders are seeking ways to improve the health insurance experience. From large healthcare providers and systems to local primary care practices, the creation of personalized health plans has been rising. Brokers and consultants have been entering the health plan arena as well: By leveraging their relationships with local healthcare vendors and providers, they can create a plan that is relevant and cost-effective for their customers.

K2 Advisors Group needed a trusted partner to handle all behind-the-scenes and technical aspects of creating a health plan that would provide cost savings for employers and members throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. The consultancy was attracted to Flume Health’s successful track record of launching other health plans, including the Firefly Health Plan and the recently launched 39North plan in Northern Colorado. By enlisting Flume Health, K2 Advisors Group could smoothly create and launch their new health plan within about six months - a feat that typically takes about a year.

“Our mission is to be the most member-friendly plan in the country,” said Josh Hyman, COO of K2 Advisors Group. “There are numerous technology and services options to help us make this mission a reality. After reviewing Flume Health’s capabilities it was obvious we needed to partner with them to enable us to create the right plan. Thanks to Flume’s technology layer, we’re able to offer the best experience possible to help our members manage their health.”

K2 Advisor Groups’ health plan offering includes high-quality, convenient local providers and partners designed with small and midsize business owners’ and their employees’ health and financial wellness in mind. Business owners will be paying less in premiums and less in claims. Employees can access healthcare and not pay any out-of-pocket fees if they utilize the providers and partners within the network.

In addition to seamlessly launching health plans, Flume Health also handles all of the common frustrations that plan members face throughout the life cycle. For example, individuals who are members of plans powered by Flume Health are never blindsided when they pick up a prescription drug at the pharmacy counter or when getting an MRI at the radiology center, because Flume handles all pre-certifications and prior authorization issues.

“At Flume Health, we’re solving the complex problems of health administration,” said Cedric Kovacs-Johnson, CEO and founder of Flume Health. “We’re delighted to be the tech platform for K2 Advisors Group and provide the back office operations for their clients throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. By taking on these burdens, we’re lowering barriers that many Americans unnecessarily deal with when trying to access healthcare.”

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About Flume Health

Flume Health is the first digital platform for health plan administration, replacing traditional TPAs and empowering challenger and incumbent healthcare companies to design and launch powerful next-generation, personalized health plans. A Health-Plan-as-a-Service, Flume eliminates the complexity of designing, managing, and launching personalized healthcare plans. Companies can leverage Flume’s Health-Plan-as-a-Service operating system to overcome the administrative burden of running a plan, allowing plan providers to focus on member experience. For more information, visit www.flumehealth.com.