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Talking member support with Jose Tadger


We sat down with Jose Tadger, Customer Success Manager at Flume Health, to talk about what it means to go beyond just answering questions and make members feel truly supported.

How does member support fit into the overall mission of Flume Health?

One of Flume Health’s goals is to educate people about health insurance, because usually members are sort of in the dark about how everything works. With the Flume Concierge, people are able to call us and ask questions not just about the specifics of their coverage, but how their plan works in general and why. We can explain things to them in an accessible way.

Of course, not everyone is interested in learning more. I think this probably has to do with people’s past experiences with insurance companies. They’re less comfortable asking questions. But when someone does show interest in learning how everything works, we love to help explain it to them. We’ll spend as much time with them as we can, depending on our call volume.

How do you approach supporting Flume Health members?

I think it’s important to always set expectations. How you frame an issue is an important part of whether a member feels supported or let down. It’s also important that, even when a member is unhappy, you make sure they feel important and it’s clear that they’re valuable to our company.

Good service isn’t just what you say. It’s also how you say it. Something like the tone of your voice is important to making sure that a member leaves the conversation with peace of mind.

What do you think members find most helpful when they talk to your team?

Like I mentioned, we try to not just provide information about a member’s coverage, but also help them understand why things work the way they do. Of course you want to give a concrete answer to their question, but if you can also provide some context that helps them understand the answer, that’s great. Even if it’s not the answer they wanted, at least they know why.

Do you ever have members call you from the doctor’s office?

Yes, one of the things we’re here for is helping members resolve issues with getting seen right away. Most of our members are on Open Access plans, which means they’re allowed to see any doctor they want. But sometimes the person working the desk at the doctor’s office might think they can’t see the patient, because Flume Health isn’t in their system. In this case, the member can call us and we’ll get in touch with an office manager or credentialing department right then and there to explain to them how Flume Health works, how to submit a claim to us, and that we’ll pay them according to the member’s coverage. We’re here to make sure that members, and their doctors, can adjust to a self-funded plan as easily as possible.