Health Administrator

An Administrator for Health Plans that People Want

Health plan infrastructure wasn’t built for the complexity of today’s plans. Companies use Flume Health Administrator to design, launch and service fully configured health plans in months.


Flume Health Administrator

Flume Health Administrator is a stack of modern tech-driven infrastructure that provides the flexibility and growth to power your success. Our TPA services leverage a multi-tenant architecture that delivers fast and reliable capabilities.

Plan configuration

Expertise in all aspects of plan design to support you every step of the way

Network / Provider support

Tier networks, manage fee schedules, add wraps, and build custom network configurations

Solution Integration

A directory of health point solutions; bring your favorites or use our library of partners

Compliance Support

COBRA, Flexible Spending Account, ACA, HIPAA security, ERISA, etc.

Group Implementation

New group setup, onboarding, and managed enrollment upfront and ongoing with easy 834 trading

Claims Admin

Responsible auto-adjudication with integrated fraud waste & abuse protection, plus rules-based manual review

Financial Admin

Consolidated billing, vendor remittance, funding account integration, claims reconciliation, stop loss support


Stop loss reporting, employer dashboards, and renewal data—all handled by Flume Health Administrator

Tech Services

API & webhook access, create event- based automation, and have real time access to client and member data

Our Business is Health Plan Administration.
Yours is Everything Else.

Insurers of all sizes are abandoning their traditional TPA and switching to Flume Health Administrator. You'll reduce your costs, increase profits, and comply with the latest regulations. Continuous Innovation with Flume.

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You dreamt it. We built it.

Simple integration and lighting fast execution means simpler builds and less headaches to troubleshoot.

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