Flume Relay

The Last Integration
You’ll Ever Need

Modern payers use Relay to quickly build data-rich integrations with the thousands of vendors and systems constituting the modern health insurance ecosystem.

All on a single trusted platform


The Single Platform for Scalable Integrations

Relay automates the mapping and movement of data into & out of your first party systems with the thousands of vendors that make up the modern healthcare supply chain.

From provider networks to point solutions, and everything in between — quickly integrate and deploy solutions to specific populations or groups. All without having to write a single line of code.


How It Works

Relay uses a two-sided common domain model — which is a universal translation layer for 1st and 3rd party data.

This means users build a single connection into Relay one time — and that’s it. Scheduled jobs then automatically map & move data to and from thousands of downstream integrations on time — no matter their “proprietary” format or delivery method.


Why Payers Choose Relay

Lower Costs

Integrate and maintain 3rd party services with a few clicks.

Maximize efficiency for operations teams to implement employer groups and their various configurations, faster.

Say “Yes”

Never be limited by solution fatigue or integration bandwidth.

Allow personalization with a catalogue of solutions (custom or prebuilt connectors) that address unique employer and member needs.

Deliver a Better Experience

Power world-class experiences with reliable, contextual data from 1st and 3rd party sources.

Level up by sharing additional fields that provide deeper context.

Expanding Connector Catalogue

Quickly build custom integrations or choose from the expanding list of standardized pre-configured integrations in Flume’s Connector Catalogue.


How Relay Makes Trading Data Easier

All the Hard Stuff Made Easy

Setup new integrations with 1st or 3rd party systems. Authenticate, transform & map, schedule, and start trading — all in one hub

We Got You Pre-Configured

Alternatively click to integrate in seconds with Relay’s expanding catalogue of preconfigured connections

Group Management

Add or remove vendors specific populations or groups

All The Observability

Real-time trade analytics, history and alerts

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