Meet the people
behind our leadership team

We put together an innovative team of experts to change the way we think about healthcare.

Who We Are

The team at Flume Health is a group of talented, intelligent, and driven people, representing both industry insiders and outsiders. We believe in something bigger than ourselves, and we are here to change healthcare infrastructure.

Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Founder and CEO

An outsider who dreams big and designs from first principles.

A chemical engineer by background; previous co-founder of 3D printing startup, acquired by MakerBot.

Founded Flume on heels of a major family medical event.

Richard Fu

Head of Growth

An insider with outsider vibes and dreams.

Previously the Chief Strategy Officer of a major Blues plan and executive at Accenture.

Casey Hancock

Head of Engineering

An outsider who sees no problem too great.

A previous Forbes 30 Under 30 and VR startup co-founder.

Andrew MacGill

Head of Product

An outside-in pro who balances dreams and reality.

Previously led product at Pager and Rally Health, acquired by United Healthcare.

Jana Nanayakkara

Head of People & Business Operations

A passionate builder of scalable, innovative and authentic workplace cultures that inspire people to do their best work.

Previously Head of Talent and Brand at Leaflink and a former Diplomat.

Our Investors