Mar 24, 2023

Flume Health Launches Flume Relay To Speed Solution Integration

  • Flume Relay automates vendor integrations needed to administer and manage a health plan, including provider networks, chronic disease platforms, maternal care, pharmacy benefit management, and more, to payers' core operating systems
  • Fully eliminating the manual work that payers conduct to establish and manage data trades between plans and solutions, Flume Relay reduces integration cost and time by nearly 80%, while unlocking greater commercial opportunities

NEW YORK, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Flume Health, a healthcare technology company for payer operations, today announced the launch of Flume Relay to systematize the complex solution integration process involved in designing, launching, and administering a health plan. Flume Relay aims to solve payers' greatest limitation: the integrations and real-time data exchange with the plethora of vendors and systems that make up a health plan.

Flume Relay reduces integration cost and time by nearly 80%, while unlocking greater commercial opportunities.

Health plans are experiencing vendor fatigue at an increasingly high rate. Vendor companies offer solutions that range from managing chronic diseases to providing pharmacy benefit management services. Incumbents and challenger health plans alike face the same complex challenge of integrating the service solutions into their administrative systems and managing the related data exchanges after integration. Payers allocate as much as a few million dollars in their budget per new integration, and their IT and engineering teams are mired for weeks and months in setting up new integrations for a health plan.  

Flume Relay is a user-friendly automation platform that serves as a universal translation layer for information exchange for payers and solutions. Its simplicity reduces the cost and time by nearly 80% and shifts the burden of new integrations away from engineering, allowing anyone in the organization to set up and manage data trades with solutions that are offered as part of plan design. For commercial plans, payers can now be unencumbered by the number of configurations self-insured customers may demand.

The inspiration for Flume Relay originated from Flume's engineering team, which initially created Relay in-house to easily connect and manage the hundreds of integrations related to health plan administration. The engineering team would have had to spend months managing the myriad of integrations related to Flume's customers' health plans; however, after building Flume Relay, they now spend a mere few hours in one day executing the same task. The platform is becoming widely accessible so that users can simply drag and drop to set up an integration.

"Payers play an outsized role in U.S. healthcare. As the industry becomes increasingly unbundled, the complexity of integrations and the ongoing data exchanges needed for these demanded solutions will burden payers and ultimately inhibit consumers from accessing the right type of care," said Cedric Kovacs-Johnson, founder and CEO of Flume Health. "Flume Relay alleviates this expensive burden and will allow payers to launch their next generation customized & personalized health plans, profitably."

Flume Health recently refreshed its online experience to better serve the ever-evolving needs of payers and introduce its products and services for modern healthcare. The clean and streamlined website mirrors the modern efficiency that Flume Relay delivers to payers.

Flume was founded in 2018 to bring systemic change to healthcare. Since its inception, Flume has been committed to solving some of the toughest problems in healthcare through its TPA services and health plan administrative services. Flume currently works with Firefly Health, Radion Health, Self Fund Health, and more. To learn more about Flume Relay, please visit

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