Automated data movement for health plans

Aggregate internal data sources and securely exchange data with any trading partner.

Flume Gives Health Plans a Boost

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Lower Integration Costs

Payers spend 80-90% less on integration setup and maintenance when using Flume

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Say Yes

Enable your sales teams to “say yes” to customer requests for plan design and configuration

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Supercharge IT & Data Teams

Flume’s no to low-code environment means your technical teams can tackle higher value projects

How It Works

Flume works with your current systems and processes

Flume is the single connection that manages all downstream systems and vendors in one easy-to-use platform

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Flume sits on top of your current administrative systems and processes

In healthcare, every dependent internal system and external vendor uses a different file format and transmission method/schedule. Don’t change that, instead run through a central canonical central data platform like Flume

Flume extracts data from source endpoints, transforms it into a canonical data store, then transforms it back out to the destination endpoint(s). Meaning minimal disruption to unlock interoperability

This all happens automatically in each endpoint’s native file format and transmission method (API, SFTP, Streaming, etc…)

Combines ETL, EDI, storage, and error handling in one purpose-built platform

The purpose-built tool for bidirectional data interoperability

There are 3,000+ PBMs, vendors and solutions, each using a proprietary data format and transmission standard.

The Old Way

a diagram showing your systems on one side and your vendors on the other. A multitude of connections between your systems and vendors shows how complex data exchange can be.

Point-to-point - Traditional Integrations

Traditionally these systems are connected “point-to-point” which is expensive, lengthy and error-prone.

The New Paradigm

a diagram showing your systems and your vendors, and between the two Flume Relay manages all the connections ensuring a clean and orderly transfer of data.

Canonical - How Data Is Exchanged with Flume

Our purpose-built platform is automated and secure for bidirectional data exchange.

Highlighted Features

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Users can connect any system and vendor to Flume, agnostic of claims or administrative infrastructure. As endpoints, instruct these connectors to be sources or destinations of data.

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Custom Business Objects

Flume simplifies the onboarding process for new custom business objects, including groups, blocks of business, plans, and products, empowering non-technical users to add them directly within the platform and seamlessly integrate their data with downstream systems.

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Customer Controlled Data Storage

Flume only holds data for as long as necessary to complete a trading job. Any stored data is hosted in an environment you control. Read more about our Security.

Stop building point-to-point dependent connections.

Using a canonical approach to data movement turns integrations from an exponentially increasing cost center, to a sublinear one

a graph with the x axis as the number of trading partners and the y axis as the amount of integration effort. A line shows how the cost for adding more integrations with point to point increases exponentially, while the cost increases at a sublinear rate when using Relay

The business impact of Flume’s canonical method is significant, further emphasized amidst rising employer demands

Use Cases

Product Enablement

Easily integrate the solutions that make up your health plan: commercial or Medicare Advantage

Vendor Management

Efficiently work with companies that support your business operations - from population health to analytics to billing


Enable your enterprise data management & analytics strategy to communicate effectively between your systems

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Two ways to engage with Flume

Just the Software

Get 5x more integrations done. Give your teams a lift with purpose built software for health plan integrations

Full Service

Outsource all integrations and vendor management to Flume and free up your team

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