Rapidly integrate with Health Plans, TPAs, and more

Rapidly exchange data with your customers to generate analyses, enroll members, or deliver on commitments.


Become the easiest solution for every Health Plan and TPA

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Integrate Faster

Setup integrations within days for 80-90% less. Payers use their native format and you use yours

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Integration Health

All trades flow through Relay. So you can intercept errors and corrupt files before they become problems

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GTM Enabler

Become an easy “yes” for plans by working with their native standards

How It Works

On Relay, every file you receive arrives in your native format

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When you first setup Relay, build a one-time map from your native file formats into Relay’s Canonical Model. Both inbound and outbound data types.

When onboading a new Payer or TPA, Relay maps from its Canonical Model to theirs

Relay then gets to work — extracting, transforming and loading data on a schedule, in each party’s native formats

That’s it, every file, inbound flows through Relay. You have total observability

The purpose-built tool for bidirectional data interoperability

There are 3,000+ PBMs, vendors and solutions, each using a proprietary data format and transmission standard.

The Old Way

a diagram showing your systems on one side and your vendors on the other. A multitude of connections between your systems and vendors shows how complex data exchange can be.

Point-to-point - Traditional Integrations

Traditionally these systems are connected “point-to-point” which is expensive, lengthy and error-prone.

The New Paradigm

a diagram showing your systems and your vendors, and between the two Flume Relay manages all the connections ensuring a clean and orderly transfer of data.

Canonical - How Data Is Exchanged with Relay

Our purpose-built platform is automated and secure for bidirectional data exchange.

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Two ways to engage with Flume

Just the Software

Get 5x more integrations done. Give your teams a lift with purpose built software for health plan integrations

Full Service

Outsource all integrations and vendor management to Flume and free up your team

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