A Plan for your health.
We call it Flume Health Plan.

Flume Health Plan was built specifically for the next-generation of healthcare plans.


We’ve Got Just The Plan For Your Health

Our unique tech platform builds the right plan for each client, and then proactively engages members throughout the year to use it. This is active, not passive, plan administration.

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Need A Hand? We Got You

Eligibility and Claim Status

Give us a call:

+1 (844) 693-5863

Pre-certification Help

Give us a call:

+1 (844) 693-5863

Submit a Claim

Clearing House:
Your Payer ID can
be found on the back
of your ID card
Paper Claim:
PO BOX 278
Arnold, MD, 21012

Appeals and Disputes

If you have a question about how a claim was processed, you can call our concierge at
(844) 693-5863 to get more information about the determination or try to resolve the issue. In some cases, issues can be resolved by providing additional information, as requested by the Flume team.If your issues cannot be resolved informally, as a provider you have the right to appeal the determination of any denied services or claim by filing an appeal with us.Appeals related to pre-certification or medical necessity should be submitted to our medical management partners directly. Our concierge team can provide additional information on how to submit these appeals.

All other appeals must be submitted in writing to providers@flumehealth.com or to our mailing address

Flume Health, Inc.
228 Park Ave S
PMB 42263
New York, New York 10003-1502

For your convenience, we have created a standardized form you may use to submit an appeal (button to form below).Timeframes for filing an appeal vary depending on applicable state or federal requirements. For additional information please contact our concierge.

Finish your Submission

Upload files pertinent to an individual case only. If you received multiple statements, please submit them separately.

Via Email

For Members: members@flumehealth.com
For Providers: providers@flumehealth.com

Via Fax

For Members: 929.356.2030
For Providers: 347.708.8040

Via Mail

Flume Health, Inc.
228 Park Ave S
PMB 42263
New York, New York 10003-1502

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